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A Lady's Secret Weapon by Tracey Devlin

My Thoughts
A Lady’s Secret Weapon by Tracey Devlyn is an enjoyable read from start to finish. The story captured my attention readily enough, and I remained happy to continue all the way through.

Things I enjoyed
The central characters presented as well described, and the progression of their relationship developed in a believable manner. I loved each of the supporting individuals and found them to be identifiable as well. I could picture them all, and appreciated the extra depth they added to the story and the main protagonists dimensions.
The lead characters were flawed, and had emotional baggage. Whilst I wanted greater attention given to those events important in shaping their motivation, I can accept that this may have resulted in the reader becoming bogged down in extraneous detail. A finely balanced novel. 
The hero and heroine accepted their counterpart's history, without judging or sugar coating what had happened and this included acknowledging the others own erroneous deeds.
The story followed a good linear order, without any confusing flashbacks. 
The phrasing was sound and on occasion the work struck as entirely quotable (See my favourite ones below)

Things that might be improved upon...
Some of the transitions between scenes were sudden and ill-conceived. One character decided on a course of action, then events suddenly occurred contrary to their decision. This discrepancy was explained by announcing he’d changed his mind. It appeared the story had been altered during an edit and having the character backflip would have been an easier option than rewriting the previous chapter.
I felt that some events relevant to the conclusion, were not adequately explored - one particular example pertaining to the ending, didn’t seem to have eventuated or was left out of the closing chapters. 
Once the wording led to a “what the...???” moment of incongruity e.g. “-her strength and intelligent conversation made him want to stretch out naked with her on a fur throw and discuss all manner of topics while sipping wine and sampling an assortment of bite-size delicacies”. It just seemed (to me) an extraordinary leap, “hey you’re smart, lets get naked while we talk about this and eat?”
One of my favourite characters died... #NotCool #TraceyDevlynIsAMeanie 

Fave Quotes from the Novel
“What had she done? Fallen prey to a man who consumes women like one feasts upon a favorite treacle tart?”

“Until she thought of nothing but the warmth of his breath and the caress of  his hand and the glide of his flesh against hers.”

My Rating


I obtained an ARC from the publisher (via Netgalley) with a view to providing an honest review. The thoughts expressed above, are entirely my own. I don’t really like the concept of rating novels as they are subjective and subject to change. A five star book today, may be re-evaluated when compared to future novels.

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