Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Perfect Wife by Katherine Scholes

My Thoughts

The Perfect Wife is quaint story, a softly spoken tale of a mismatched couple who in the face of a scandal and their efforts to distance themselves from it, succeed in alienating themselves from each other. It’s well written, almost having a classical feel to it, with long descriptive passages detailing scenery, emotions and past events. There was not a lot of dialogue and I found myself missing conversation, though this did add to the characters isolation.

Whilst the tale was told in a quiet manner, the story still managed to illicit an emotional response from me. I found myself getting frustrated with Kitty and her self-sacrificial manner. I was enraged at Theo and his superior attitudes despite some very obvious flaws and selfish tendencies (I wanted to shake him). What the hell happened back in England? 

I enjoyed the story, I truly did, but at the same time I found myself strangely unsatisfied with it. I can’t quite place where my disappointment comes from though? It truly did get me riled up but at the same time, I felt shut out from the events. I was an observer, but I wasn’t involved. I was angry for Kitty, but I wasn’t feeling her pain. It was strange disconnect.

My Rating


I obtained an ARC from the publisher (via Netgalley) with a view to providing an honest review. The thoughts expressed above, are entirely my own. I don’t really like the concept of rating novels as they are subjective and subject to change. A five star book today, may be re-evaluated when compared to future novels.

Kitty Hamilton arrives in Tanganyika with high hopes for her new life. An exciting adventure halfway across the world could be just what she and Theo need to recover from the scandal that almost tore them apart.  
She is determined to play the role of the perfect wife, but her dreams soon begin to unravel.  Theo is distracted with his important British government post, and while Kitty had imagined doing valuable work of her own, she finds that choosing the right frock to wear to the club is the biggest challenge of her day.
In this wild and foreign land, where very different powers prevail, the head can't always rule the heart. As old wounds resurface and new passions ignite, Kitty and Theo confront emotions that push them beyond the boundaries of all that they know and believe in.
The Perfect Wife is a breathtaking story about the struggle between duty and desire, jealousy and love, commitment and freedom.  And the need to follow the call of your heart, wherever it may lead you…

The Author

Katherine Scholes was born in Tanzania, East Africa, the daughter of a missionary doctor and an artist. She has fond memories of travelling with her parents and three siblings on long safaris to remote areas where her father operated a clinic from his Land Rover. When she was ten, the family left Tanzania, moving first to England and then settling permanently in Tasmania. As an adult, Katherine moved to Melbourne with her film-maker husband. The two worked together for many years, writing books and making films. They have now returned to Tasmania, where they live on the edge of the sea with their two sons. Katherine is the author of four international bestsellers: The Rain Queen, Make Me An Idol, The Stone Angel, The Hunter's Wife and The Lioness.

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